★ How Important are Custom Thumbnails for my YouTube Videos? – YouTube101, ep. 10 ★

September 26, 2019

So to grow an audience, you have to actually
attract people to your video, and you do that with your thumbnail. So you don’t have to
go spend an arm and a leg on Adobe Photoshop or anything like that, there’s plenty of free
software available. Pixlr is one of them that we highly recommend, and there is a link to
it in the description. You want your thumbnail to be 1280×720 pixels, and you want it to
be bright, so kick up the contrast and kick up the brightness on there. You really want
it to be eye catching – remember it’s going to be a very small image. Keep it simple,
and don’t put too much text on, because again when somebody’s reading that thumbnail on
their little smartphone – they can’t read that much text. So just make it bright, make
it attractive, and do something consistent with it. Whether it’s going to be the same
corner overlay on every one of your thumbnails, or a little watermark on them… just do something
so that when several of your videos in a search people can automatically see they all belong
to your channel.

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