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► Whisps & Movement Blurs in Photoshop

October 30, 2019

hello everyone, Spencer here from and today… I want to show you how to create whisps and this is a cool little blur effect that kind of… adds motion to your images It’s very cool and easy to use and I think you all will enjoy this. So I’m going to create a new layer and set the background to green (background color is no important) …and I have my foreground color set to light-blue. We will play with a couple different colors Select your BRUSH tool (B) Select a random brush, it honestly doesn’t matter much I set my opacity to 100% Draw some random waves, lines, shapes… like I said, this part doesn’t really matter too much. It DOES affect the outcome but… but you can play around with it and you will see what I mean So now what we need to do is go to FILTER, FILTER, BLUR, MOTION BLUR And we set the angle to 0 and the distance all the way up to 2,000 Click OK and now you get this really fast blur Very plain, nothing special about it but what we do now… is click CTRL+T to Free Transform this object I hold ALT and drag in the top and bottom so it’s a little thinner… Right Click and hit WARP And now we have the ability to move these around… and create the whisp into any shape you want. I usually make it very wavy I find the shape I like and hit ENTER and as you can see we get this really cool whisp/motion blur effect It’s very easy to do, as you saw this literally took me seconds to complete this and as soon as you understand how to do it and practice it… you’ll be able to create AWESOME looking effects. I’m going to create another layer and grab a different color and we will do another one and I’ll explain this first part a little more for you So if we paint the brush very this, this part will be this and bold in the final result if we reduce the brush size we can control how thin we might want part of the blur to look it really depends on what you want This for example would be very thin at the top, another smaller less noticeable blur underneath… Then very this in the middle, and finally very thin again at the bottom So if I hit CTRL+F to repeat the last filter, you can see what I mean… Everything that was light is light, everything that was thick is thick… everything that was hardly noticeable is still hardly noticeable but everything adds to the effect. So I hit CTRL+T and begin to warp the image As you can see I’m doing a completely different shape this time but the effect still work very well together Look how easy that was to do you can do this for ANYTHING you want You can do a fantasy image, I’ve used it to create motion in images So if you enjoyed this tutorial please hit the LIKE button and subscribe if you haven’t already Make sure you check out my other videos! Thanks for watching!

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  • Reply Hardene3f7 March 30, 2018 at 4:15 am

    Didn't even know this til today and am sorry! Hope you continue to create more and more tutorials in the future and I know it's been a months but better late than never right! Keep it up!

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