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Мобильная фотография — как круто снимать и обрабатывать на телефоне в Lightroom Mobile

January 31, 2020

What’s up photographers, how are you doing? I hope all is good! My name is Vitaly and I always carry the camera with me. Well, not really. Even though I specifically do photowalks and shoot something almost every day even it this case there are situations when the camera is not at hand. But you always have the phone and the moment you don’t want to lose. So here is the question: is it possible to make cool photos with the phone? Can we edit cool enough on mobile? And how? So that’s what we are going to talk about in this video. Go grab some tea and cookies and let’s go. Welcome back. What do you think about that intro? I still working on it. So today we talk about mobile photography and editing. I’ll show and describe how I do it and will share some tips as we go. So what do we need for mobile photography? The phone, obviously. And basically that’s it. But I’ll also take this little phone tripod and the remote which comes with it. It connects though Bluetooth with the phone and allows us to trigger the shutter remotely. So that I can snap a picture of myself without other pair of hands. The link will be in description. Important question: what app we will use to shoot? There are so many of them, which one to choose? I didn’t think long, and as you might have guessed already I will shoot with Lightroom Mobile because it has a lot of cool features we need. Disclaimer: some of the features we are going to talk about today are not free and will require subscription. But, I believe that if you want to take your photos to the next level, then it worth it. One of top features very important for us is the ability to shoot in RAW format. Lightroom Mobile allows us to switch between shooting in JPG and DNG formats. And DNG is a kind of Raw format that allows us to save more data about our shot and to be more flexible with out Postproduction and color grading later. So that you can shoot Raw right on the phone. How cool is that? Very cool! But, remember that Raw files take much more space. Keep that in mind. Another cool thing is the manual control of camera settings. Exposure compensation, highlights clipping, that shows which areas of the frame are overexposed on the screen in real time. Shutter speed, ISO, white balance and even manual focus. But of course you can always turn on Auto mode and don’t care about those. Ok, we need to go and shoot something. Let’s go! Okay, we got the photographs. Now is the time to edit them. And I will be doing it in Lightroom Mobile. But before that, I’ll undress a bit because it’s too hot in here. Done. So, let’s see what we shot. Launching Lightroom Mobile on the phone. And yeah, we got some cool stuff here. Let’s start with this one that I shot with the help of that tripod I showed earlier and the remote controller. This is the DNG file so that we will be more flexible with our editing as I said before. First thing we go to Light tab. Here it is. And we will reveal our shadows. I’ll reveal it like that. Next, I’ll decrease the highlight a bit. Add a bit of Exposure to make it lighter. Just a little bit of Contrast, like this. I will also increase Whites, like this. Decrease blacks. Next I go to the Curve section. I’ll add a few points here, like this. Move down the shadows a bit, but moving blacks a bit up making this faded look. Love this thing. I’ll also add a point here and move it down. Like this. And the lights also a bit up. So we got kind of S curve, variation of it. Done. Next we go to Color tab. Here we will tweak temperature a bit and make it warmer. Next, we go to Mix. And Mix is HSL, same as HSL. Hue, Saturation, Luminance. And here we can work with all the colors separately. I switch to Orange tab and make it even more orangy. I increase the luminance but decrease the saturation a bit. Like this. Go to Yellows. Make it more orange as well. Add some saturation and decrease luminance. Good. Now I switch to Green because I want to get rid of these trees color here. They are distracting. I take this slider and move it left. I also decrease saturation and luminance. Next I go to Effects. I’ll add some Clarity. A bit. I also add Vignette. -13, okay. Add Feather to it and Highlights protection. Okay, now I go up to Split Toning. Here I’ll add orange to highlights and blue to shadows. Orange to highlights to enhance our warmy, sunny look and blue to the shadows to compensate it. So, orange I usually use around 40. and saturation 14, 13. Something like this. Blue to the shadows. I usually go with 224 hue. Around that. Low saturation, 10. And tweak balance a bit. Plus 22. Okay. Next we go to Geometry. Here I fix the lines of the frame. I tap this Off button and here select Level mode. So that we fixed geometry a bit. As you can see: Before-after, before-after. Looking good already. But let’s add some more cool things called Local Adjustments. I scroll left and select this very left tool called Selective. Tap plus at the top. And choose Radial Filter. Place it like this. Here, while it is selected I go to Light tab of it and add some Whites. Go to Color tab and tweak Temperature. To make our light warmer. Like our sun is burning us. Next I go to Effects tab. Decrease Clarity pretty a lot and Dehaze as well. Ok, done. I go to Selective again and now I take Graduated filter. Place it like this and again go to Effects tab. Decrease Clarity and Dehaze a bit. Ok, now I go to Color. Add some warmth again. Like this. Good. Ok, now I yet again go to Selective and take another graduated filter and place it at the bottom to darken it a bit. Place it like this. Decrease the exposure. Add some contrast. Ok. And the last thing. I add another Radial Filter to give more focus to our main subject in the frame. I go to Light tab and increase Whites a bit. And Contrast. Add Exposure a bit. All right, great. The edit is done. Le’t check our Before and After. So, before-after. Zoom in, let’s check again. Before-after, before-after. Looking good. What do you think? Write down in the comments. That’s it folks! Thus, today we talked, discussed and made sure that mobile shooting and editing is pretty cool. And if you are somewhere on a trip and your laptop is out of reach or you just don’t want to edit on the laptop, you can successfully edit on the phone. And if you want better results, keep Raw format in mind and shoot in it. But remember that raw files weigh much more than jpg, so be aware. After editing and posting you can always delete raw files or move them to your computer or external drive. This is it, thanks for watching. Hit that like button, write comments, click that red subscribe button and and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye-bye.


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