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Как установить пресеты на телефон в Lightroom Mobile

November 9, 2019

Hey photographers, what is up? Hope all is good. My name is Vitaly and today as I promised we talk about how to use presets, mine too, on the phone in Lightroom Mobile. After my previous video many of you asked… btw, if you didn’t see that video the link will be on the screen now. Click and watch it. It’s awesome. So, many asked if my presets work on the phone and how to install. Yes they do, I wrote about it on my instagram. Link in the description. So, do the presets work on the phone and how to install them? Yes they do, and we talk about it in detail in this video. First stop – how to install presets to the phone. There are 2 methods. First one – Sync with Adobe Creative Cloud. To make it work, you need computer and Lightroom CC installed. Don’t mess it with another Lightroom, as there are 2 lightrooms on desktop. We need Lightroom CC. The icon looks like this. And you also need subscription to Adobe, Photographers Bundle. So, how to do it. Let’s go Launch Lightroom CC Turn on Edit mode at the top right Next, go all the way down you need Presets button here. Click, it will open the panel with our already installed presets. To add new ones, click the Options icon select Import Presets. Now locate the folder with presets you want to install. Select them and confirm. Now you can see they are installed. Time to take the phone, launch Lightroom Mobile and select the photo you want to edit. Swipe right the bottom part and look for Presets tab. Now click this dropdown and select Vitwai 2019 Presets and you’ll see just synced presets we installed on the computer. Apply – bam, done. You may need to adjust the preset, move some local filters for example. But if you have free version of Lightroom Mobile, local filter won’t be applied and they are unavailable so don’t bother in this case. It always makes sense to play with other settings. Temperature for example. Like this, good. Now, method number two. You don’t want to pay $10 per month to Adobe I certainly feel you. And well, you don’t have Lightroom on the desktop and you edit only on the phone. There is an option for this case. It is a bit more tricky, but I will show you. So, you got my presets pack and you have the zip file. Unarchive it Here we are now interested in DNG files folder. Select DNG file and transfer it via Airdrop to your phone. Launch Lightroom Mobile on the phone import the file you just transferred, confirm. Open it again, click Options and select Create Preset. Done. To check if it works, select another photo, swipe right the bottom, click Presets and here in this dropdown select User Presets Here is our preset. Apply it and bam, nice edit is done. Next you’ll need to repeat those actions with each DNG file to save all the presets. As I said, a bit trickier process. But it works. Ok, now you can say: hey Vitaly but we wanted to do it without computer at all! We don’t have Lightroom on the computer, don’t have a computer. What we do? Keep calm, I got you covered. To do it, you need to download the app to work with archives. iZip for instance. Download it, now use the link in the description of this video to get the presets Click the small arrow to show the description. Click the link. Scroll down, click I Want This. Now specify your email. Ok, now click Download. Open the dropdown, tap Download again. Now tap Open in iZip. Dismiss nasty popups and tap OK to unarchive the archive. Done, now open the folder and then the DNG files folder. Here select the file, click on it you get this window here tap Open in and look for Lightroom Mobile. If you don’t have it here, scroll to the end and there is More button, tap it and look there. So from here you tap Lightroom Mobile icon and photo is imported to the app. In this window tap Launch Lightroom Now. It will redirect you to Lightroom Mobile. Here is our imported DNG file. Next, as before, Create Preset set the name and repeat the actions with every DNG file from the archive to save all the presets. Those of you who already purchased my presets pack and now wonders what to do, you also want mobile version, you also need those DNG files. No worries, I updated the archive, all you need is to re-download it. To do it, find the email you got after the purchase. There will be the link to Download. Click on it and download it again. If for some reason you don’t have the email or you didn’t find it, send me a message on Instagram we will sort this out. Well, we figured how to install the presets to the phone. Now, let me remind you why you need my presets. Because they are cool! 🙂 Leggo! That’s it! Link to my presets pack and to 2 free presets will be in the description. Thank you for watching, hope it was useful. Like this video, subscribe to the channel because it is really important to me, write comments, ask questions. But most importantly – create, create, create! And I see you in the next video. Bye-bye!


  • Reply Роман Атанов November 8, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Всё работет! КРУТО! Огромное спасибо за старания и классный контент! Жду новых выпусков :)))

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    Подписан на тебя, очень классные видосы! Пишу потому-что знаю насколько важны для автора комментарии) Спасибо тебе!

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    cute cup

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