Εισαγωγή στο pixlr

October 13, 2019

Hello everybody, in this video i am going to give you a brief introduction to pixlr.Pixlr is a
digital editing program its free,its web based which basically means that we dont need to install any software to our computer additionally pixlr will work without a doubt on any OS There are four ways we can work in pixlr The first way is to create a new image The Second way,is to load an image from our computer The third way,it to load an image from URL The fourth and the last one ,is to load our image from a library such as pixlr cloud,Facebook,Twitter,etc. In this video i will choose to images from my computer. Lets load this image. Our image has been loaded. Now i would i like to show you how to add some text In order to do that we need to go to toolsets and select typetool which is the Capital A icon We double click with our mouse and we choose the position where we would like to position our text. let’s add the text “layer added”, lets change our font to Algerian, and change our fontsize from 130 to 110 I would also like to right click on the color to change it, we can use HSL, RGB, WEB, IMG to color our text in this video I will use the WEB the reason is being is that web gives us some prefined colors we can use I will use the orange color and press the OK button now that we have painted our text I would like to explain some things about the layers some of you might ask yourselfs what are the layers? In digital image processing, Layers are used to separate different elements of an image in this case the different elements in our image is our text and background in layers we can do several operations for instance we can toggle the visibility of our layer how do we do that? just do uncheck this layers(checkbox) we can also delete a layer how do we do that? we go to the recycle bin and delete it and then someone can wonder how we can restore the text I deleted? to do that we go into history and choose it a desirable state in which we want to go back. We can also change the order in which the layers will appear to do this we get the layer and drag it over to the other as you can see the order of the layers didnt change the reason being is because the background layer is locked to unlock it, double click on the padlock Nice now that we unclocked our layer we can now change the order of our layers. Now you can notice that our text has been disappeared the reason this has happened is the text has been covered by our background to show that i am telling you the truth lets uncheck our background as
you can see our text is still there lets switch the layers back to their oginal position. I would also like to show how we can change the position of our text to do this we use the movetool tool, choose the layer that we want to move in this case we choose the text and lets just move it. For the end, I would like to show you how we can add another image we go to layer->OpenImageAsLayer and we will pick this image. nice our image has been loaded but this image is to big for me and i would like to make this image smaller how do I do that? I’m going to edit free transform and just make my
image size lower. I click anywhere on the screen and on the message “do you want to apply the changes” click Yes. To save my work i go to file save or ctr/s and I can save it to my computer or to the pixlr cloud thats all i had to say thank your for time.

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